Tastings with Fine Wines

We offer our clients three different kinds of tasting:

  • tasting as a pleasant addition to an evening event,
  • tasting as the main goal of an event with Fingerfood,
  • or Dine & Wine featuring several course menu with the appropriate wines.

We can provide tastings in rustic or elegant spaces. We work together with hotels and restaurants in Bratislava as well as throughout Slovakia. We place great emphasis on ensuring that the quality and standard of the environment match the quality of the wine! If interested, we can arrange the entire event. Realization can include site selection, invitations, menu conventions, participant registration, event suggestions as well as interesting details about the event theme. We offer tastings in English, German and Slovak language.

Typically, 8 to 12 wines are prepared for you.

Tastings can have a special thematic focus, for example,

  • continents (Europe, Pacific, Africa, North and South America),
  • countries (there are ca. 30 interesting wine-growing countries),
  • regions (in Europe e.g. Piemont, Languedoc, Bordeaux, Rhein, Rhone),
  • vintners / producents.

Where have you been able to taste our wines? At the reception of the Portuguese Embassy in Bratislava, at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce events, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Bratislava, at the Wine & Dine wine tasting evenings at our partner hotels and restaurants, at the SND charity event in Bratislava, at ExClusive magazine's birthday party, at the MEDCORP Slovakia s.r.o. company's golf tournament, at a concert in the Primaciálny palace in Bratislava organized by the Australian Ambassador in Vienna, at the Country Balls in Záhorská Bystrica and at many other private tastings or gourmet festivals.

Bratislavská 51
841 06 Bratislava

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Where you can find us:
Bratislavska 51
841 06 Bratislava

Phone: +421 911 401 774
E-mail: office@finewines.sk

All prices include VAT and are valid since Juli 2022.

The date of delivery of goods, alternatively of personal pick-up, can be arranged by phone.

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