Berta Grappa Monte Acuto 42% vol 0.7l inkl. Drev. Kas.

Berta Grappa Monte Acuto 42% vol 0.7l inkl. Drev. Kas.

Beautiful essential oils in the nose, very clear orange and apricot, candied fruit with a hint of fresh citrus oil. Rich hazelnut. An idea of ​​pine forests, tree sap and light smoky notes and nutmeg. In the mouth candied apple, a hint of cinnamon. With a little temperature still come to chocolate and vanilla. Incredibly smooth transit on the palate, very balanced and round. With each inhale, with every drop he is charming. The finish is enhanced by sweet caramel and honey components. This elegant distillate from the best marc of Barbera, Nebbiolo and Arneis houses a fine wine spirit, a legend.

Packed in wooden box.

€67.50 incl. VAT

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